January 10, 2010

New Year New..... Earthquakes?

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake Saturday Jan. 9, 2010 4:27 pm
A collapsed home in Eureka
Eureka Natural Foods Store

I'm sure many of you have seen flashes of our small town on the news today showing the 6.5 magnitude eathquake that struck yesterday afternoon. In true scrapbooking fashion I happened to be at our first crop of the year when it happened. I've lived here since I was born and been through several of these now, but this one was pretty scary. I had to actually get under a table to avoid the wood mounted stamps falling from the shelves behind me and then the lights went out. The classroom where we have our crops does not have windows as it is in the back of the building so everything was pitch black. It is a very disorienting feeling to be in the dark and here things moving and crashing but not be able to tell if it's going to come down on you. Thankfully the wonderful group of ladies I was with were all ok and all very calm about the situation. There is some moderate damage around the county and we did not have power most of the night last night, but people are being very considerate of each other and I think we will all pull out of it just fine.
This gave me a great opportunity to get started on my new year's resolutions! One was to keep up on my blog and post more even if it's not a project. Voila! My first post! The next was to stop taking on so many projects for others and get caught up on my own. (Which I was doing at crop until the interruption) I also resolved to keep up on my laundry, be more active, and not to let petty arguments get in the way of my true friendships. My Cricut class for the month is a layout listing all of these and will have a spot to journal if I stick with them or not. (pictures will be up soon). I hope all of you are starting your new year off well and that you will be reading more of my posts as I am determined to stick with it. Happy New Year!

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  1. I am in Roseville out of Sacramento. Glad you were ok. I check your blog often so I was excited to see an upate. Can't wait to see the layout you are working on as you and I have some of the same resolutions.